Praise God and put away the buckets!

The roof insulation and replacement project was officially completed when the payment of $120,099.00 was made on November 18, 2016!  This should put an end to our leaks and drips. Thank you to the Trustees for bidding, hiring, monitoring and managing this project for the church!

Immediately after the $120,000 was raised for the roof work in June (an amazing feat, considering that the campaign technically didn’t begin until July 1), we saved out an additional $10,000 for contingency for the roof project, and then began applying your gifts to the church building’s mortgage.

As of November 16, the gifts applied to the mortgage totaled $65,325.30. And with the contingency funds not needed, we will be applying that $10,000 to the mortgage in December!

As of November 16, the mortgage balance was $206,988.73. Recall that we are also continuing to make regular monthly payments to the mortgage from the general fund. If you’re a numbers person and you’re having trouble making all of the numbers on the home page add up — it’s because of those regular monthly payments and the contingency funds that were held.

We are updating the financial information on the home page monthly as we receive your gifts, make mortgage payments, and get the balance report from the bank.

Remember — the sooner we pay off the mortgage, the more we will save in interest — potentially thousands of dollars!

As the year winds down, please consider the Blessed to be a Blessing capital campaign for any additional gifts you would like to have applied in 2016.

THANK YOU, Lovely Lane, for your continued generosity!