Consider a Lovely Lane future that looks like this…we have:

  • A roof that doesn’t leak. We don’t spend a few thousand dollars every two years to make roof repairs that hold until another part breaks open, ruining carpet and fixtures.
  • A church budget that is no longer forced to make principal and interest payments of over $3000 per month for a project from 12 years ago, and instead builds up a fund to help cover building maintenance costs. Looking back, we avoided $70,000 in interest by paying off the loan early.
  • A renewed, inviting entry space, and well-lighted, sound-protected Sanctuary with a new arrangement offering better sightlines to a raised chancel area, making our Sanctuary experiences even easier to participate in and enjoy.

We are convinced that taking care of these physical and financial issues will allow us to do the work of Jesus Christ in our neighborhood and world for the next 50 years and beyond.

Will you be a part of this legacy? 

Let’s do this, Lovely Lane!

It’s time to leave Our Generation’s Legacy!