The Projects

Projects are to be completed in the order listed, without taking on any new debt; projects are, “pay as we go.”

On March 6, 2016, our congregation voted overwhelmingly to move forward with this campaign to ensure we have a tightly sealed roof, eliminate our debt, and renew the most public areas of the church to make the spaces more functional and inviting.

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1. Replace Flat Roof Membranes

Estimate: $120,000

Includes replacing water-damaged structure; installing insulation boards with pitch to direct rainwater to drains.

2. Pay Off Mortgage

Estimated balance: $290,000

Payoff saves tens of thousands ofdollars  interest, and once paid, the plan redirects at least 50% of the current monthly payment (~$3000) to the Building Maintenance Fund.

3. Make Interior Improvements

Renew the Foyer, Narthex, Fireside and Sanctuary areas to improve flooring, furnishings, lighting and arrangement of the spaces.

Let’s do this, Lovely Lane!

It’s time to leave Our Generation’s Legacy!