Blessed to be a Blessing – Our Generation’s Legacy

  •         Total Gifts Pledged and Provided (2016-2019) – $377,230 42%
  •   Total Gifts Received (2016-2019) – $335,633.05 37.2%

Campaign giving update as of January 10, 2018.


Campaign Goal

  •           Mortgage Balance as of Feb. 12, 2018: $16,182.87

Total of all extra mortgage payments from campaign gifts: $223,666.48
(as of February 12, 2018)

Mortgage is also reduced by regular, planned minimum monthly payments from the annual operating budget.

Starting Balance
June 2016:

  • Flat Roof Repairs (Target: Sept. 2016) – COMPLETED! 100%

check-mark-1292787_640Roof Repair Goal

The campaign to provide a longterm fix to our roof and rain issues, finally eliminate the mortgage, and make our main building entrance and worship space more inviting, is going to transform the future of this church!

It started just a bit over 50 years ago, when a group of people were asked to help plant a new Methodist Church in northeast Cedar Rapids. Those founding members prayed and pinched pennies to build the first section of the church — what we now know as Fellowship Hall. One founding member even took out a second mortgage on his home to help ensure that the church got started — and many others made sacrifices of their finances, too. The mission was — and still is — that important!

Since that time, each ‘decade generation’ of Lovely Lane has added to that first legacy gift, expanding our ministries and our facility. Over the last 50 years, more pennies and prayers built the Sanctuary; the original Education Wing; the Offices; and the Children’s Weekday Ministries, Library, Offices, Music and Youth room additions.

Now, it’s time for the current Lovely Lane Generation to leave our legacy!

Let’s do this, Lovely Lane!

It’s time to leave Our Generation’s Legacy!